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How To Wag

Helping those who want that special pooch. Our mission is to serve you with a lease purchase opportunity and fair pricing based on your unique lifestyle and ability to pay, while increasing your credit.


1st Step


Apply online at

2nd Step


Connect with a pet store or breeder of your choice.

3rd Step


Go out and select the puppy of your dreams.

4th Step

Sign Lease

Sign the lease purchase agreement and make your first, low monthly payment in store or on delivery of the product.

5th Step

Take Home

Take home your new furry friend!

How it works

A lease is simply an alternative financing tool for consumers to gain access to the pets they want or need. We do not offer loans, and our program is not a credit card.

Customers make monthly lease payments on the pet for a set number of months. During the lease term, the customer does not own the pet. However, they have the freedom to purchase the pet through our Early Buyout option at any point within their lease or by making a final payment at the end of the lease equal to the fair market value of the pet – both granting the consumer ownership of the item. Our program helps customers afford the pet of their dreams they need when paying entirely with cash, credit card, or loan isn’t an option.

Approval Rates
We have one of the highest approval rates in the industry. We want to empower consumers to have access to the things they want and love, especially when other financing options may not be available to them.

You are more than your credit score. Look, we understand that there’s more to you than your credit score. Millions of people don’t have a credit history, and for the rest of us who do, sometimes… stuff happens. That’s why we get the whole picture. Our unique underwriting system uses artificial intelligence and many data points to get a much clearer window into what makes you, you. The result is a unique and personalized score for every individual.

Dynamic Pricing
Get this… just like as every unique individual is given a personalized score, each individual will be given a unique price. We offer fair costs & terms that are personal to you.

Early Buyout Option
In the traditional world of leasing, consumers ordinarily have complete the whole leasing period before they have the option to purchase the item and become the owners. At Wags, we offer you the flexibility of paying market value at any time. That’s right, consumers can buy out of their lease at any time and become the outright owners of the property. And, there are no penalties or extra fees if you choose to buyout early! In fact, you save money if you choose to buy out early.

Wags Pet Warranty
We care about these pooches. Reimbursements for certain vet expenses are offered to customers should a puppy be unfit for sale due to a covered illness or congenital defect. Certain limitations apply.

Improve Your Credit
Each month we take the time report your payment status to one credit bureau, Experian in an effort to help you improve your credit.

Our Promise To You

We have carefully crafted a lease purchase agreement so that you can enjoy the pet that you have always wanted, when you want. We are selective with the retailers and breeders that we work with. Our team is also ready to answer any of your questions to help walk you through our leasing program prior to signing one of our agreements.