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Giving a Pet This Holiday Season?

As someone who has worked closely with animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups for the past 25 years, the one thing I know is that a high percentage of dogs and cats are sitting in those kennels because the animal was returned by the facility that it came from. As a matter of fact, a

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Rescue First

All dogs deserve a good home. WAGS works with several reputable rescue shelters and pet retailers across the US in hopes of supporting the safe, sound adoptions of pets that need it most.  The WAGS family encourages everyone to look to rescue an animal as a first resort when looking to grow their family with

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Things to Remember when Selecting a Dog

There are a number of variables involved in selecting the right dog for you and your family. The two main things you need to think about before you actually select the dog are the person or family that is selecting the dog, and the dog itself. People & Families One of the great things about

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Testimonial: Lugnut the English Bulldog – My Owner’s Story

A life spent on the road can be a lonely one. Paul is a long distance trucker who spends his days driving from one coast to the next. He used to have an English Bulldog who would keep him company on the long haul trips but, unfortunately, passed a few years ago. If that didn’t

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Patriotic Pets: A Look Back at Presidential Pooches

Behind every great man, there is an even greater dog. This 4th of July, Wags, LLC would like to honor the First Dogs who roamed the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and stole the hearts of the country.  1. George Washington   Washington is credited as breeding the first American Foxhounds. He ran a breeding

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