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Flyball Training for your High Energy Dog

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman I know that some of you possess certain dogs that just have a lot of energy. There are a number of options of things you can actually do together with your dog such as Agility training to help your dog burn off that energy. I wanted to take a

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Feeding Your Dog the Right Food

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman I thought long and hard before deciding to write on this topic, because pet owners, trainers, and breeders can get so adamant when they talk about what they believe is the right food. You can go to a dog show, literally talk to each breeder, and most will tell

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How to Prevent Your Dog from Jumping on Guests

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman Probably one of the most common behaviors we see is the issue of a dog jumping on guests. It seems like this often happens within the “first few minutes” of someone walking in the house. With this problem, there are two different ways that I like to handle it.

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How to Train Your Dog Using Elevated Areas

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman One of the best-kept secrets in dog training is the use of elevated areas. One of the reasons we use elevated areas is because we want to work with dog on a defined place. The motive for this is that it makes training most behaviors easier because the dog

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman There is no question that all dogs need exercise, but one of the questions I seem to get from a variety of pet owners is how much exercise? My response has always been, that it really depends upon the dog. One of the key elements to my What Color

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