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Starting the Lie Down Behavior

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman I like teaching the lie down behavior more than any other behavior because a dog in the lying down position is a very neutral and relaxed position, and it is certainly a more comfortable position than sitting. So when it comes to a point where you want to start

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Adopting High Strung Dogs

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman It is a fact that the reason there are so many dogs returned back to animal shelters and humane societies is that a large percentage of them were not the right match. Understanding how important it is to take the time to do research on certain breeds, and take

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Things to Remember When Choosing a Dog

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman There are a number of variables involved in selecting the right dog for you and your family. The two main things you need to think about before you actually select the dog are the person or family that is selecting the dog, and the dog itself. People & Families

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Training Your Dog to Stay

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman One of the most common behavior problems of all is an owner’s dog not staying. The stay behavior is something that is built on control, and unfortunately, there are a number of owners that can teach a dog to sit or lie down, but cannot train the control. The

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Tips for Walking Your New Dog

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman Seeing that one of the most important things you can do with your dog to keep him healthy is exercise him, I wanted to give you a few tips on walking your dog. Walking your dog is great for a number of reasons. For one, it simply gives you

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