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About Wags

We are a group of animal lovers building a service which allows people to have access to the pooch of their dreams.

1st Step


Apply online at wagslending.com

2nd Step


Connect with a pets tore or breeder of your choice.

3rd Step


Go out and select the puppy of your dreams.

4th Step

Sign Lease

Sign the lease purchase agreement and make your first, low monthly payment in store or on delivery of the product.

5th Step

Take Home

Take home your new furry friend!

Wags Lending was launched in December of 2013 in Reno, Nevada and is the flagship brand under Bristlecone Holdings. Wags is a one of four brands under the parent company. Other brands consist of I Do Lending, Bristlecone Lending and One Road Lending. Bristlecone Holdings is a financial technology company operating in the consumer lending industry, offering lease purchases in a variety of niche markets. Our mission is to democratize the world of finance. We saw a growing problem growing in our nation, with millions of consumers getting locked out of traditional means of finance. With over 35 employees (and rapidly growing), Bristlecone Holdings is paving the way for how consumer leasing should be done. Please visit our parent site to learn more about our company.

We at Wags Lending are a group of animal lovers. We highly encourage consumers to adopt first, but we also realize that many families want and need that special purebred pup. And, guess what? Purebred animals are expensive.

The concept of leasing a dog is new in our culture. People wonder if they can actually lease a pet. At Wags, we get that. You can’t lease a pet, can you? Yes, you can! We have carefully crafted a lease purchase agreement so that consumers can enjoy the pet that they have always wanted, when they wanted. We are selective with the retailers and breeders that we work with. Our team is also ready to answer any of your questions to help walk you through our leasing program prior to signing one of our agreements.

Here are the Core Values which we constantly live by:

Innovate:  We innovate continually while embracing and driving change. We relentlessly push ourselves and our leasing technology forward to challenge outdated conventions and create better solutions for our customers and retail partners.

Empower:  We empower customers with new ways to realize their dreams. While many in our nation are getting locked out of traditional means of financing, we have stepped in to provide solutions.

Serve:  Our commitment to service begins with our employees who are not only our greatest assets but our most influential ambassadors. We serve our community with humility and respect, particularly the under-appreciated and over-looked. We aim to delight our customers with unexpectedly great service and dazzle our partners with performance beyond the call of duty. Customer service is an utmost priority for us. If at any point you are unhappy, we want to hear from you so we can assist.