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Training Tools

By Celebrity Dog Trainer, Joel Silverman

I thought that seeing we are in the midst of the winter months, and I am sure a lot of you are inside trying to stay warm, you might be looking for some ideas on training tools.

I have found over my career there are a number of different training tools out there, but a lot of it starts with looking at the personality of your dog first. If you have read about my What Color is Your Dog?® dog training style, you know that your dog is one of five colors. Below we have our color spectrum, and as you can see we have five colors of dogs.


The closer your dog is to the center, the easier it is to train, and the farther out, the more challenging. In the middle we have the mellow yellow dog, and to the left we have the orange dog, which will be a bit high-strung. Then farther to the left we have the red dog, which will be even more high-strung. Then on the other side we have the green dog, which is somewhat timid or apprehensive. Moving even farther out, we have the blue dog, which is even more timid and apprehensive. The reds and oranges are the warmer colored dogs, and the blues and greens are the cooler colored dogs. To make this easier to understand, the warmer colored dogs need control, and cooler colored dogs need motivation.

A lot of pet owners make a number of mistakes when trying to consider what tool is best for their dog. This error can come from listening to trainers and owners that might believe that one certain tool is best for every dog, which is horribly wrong. It also might come from them simply thinking that their dog needs a certain tool, when in fact the dog never needed it in the first place.


To make this easier to understand, since the cooler colored dogs are going to need training tools that will help motivate them, we need to find those things that are going to stimulate them. One of the most common kinds of tools I use are treats, or even a higher value-training treat. These kinds of tools are going to give that motivation you need.


On the other hand, since the warmer colored dogs are going to be a bit high-strung, we will most likely use training tools to help keep the dog in control. My alternative training collar, as well as a variety of tools in your local pet store, can help you with this.  At the same time, some of these warmer colored dogs that are a bit cooler, such as the orange dogs, can also be aided by the use of another tool we use with the cooler colored dogs, and that would be a treat.

Starting off by getting to know your dog, understanding he has his own unique personality, and figuring out what kind of training tools you need, will help you get off to the right start in training your dog. Remember that a number of dogs und up getting returned back to animal shelters and humane societies because they never used the right training tool for their dog.